Ubuntu on an Apple MacBook (Intel)

Recently, I discovered this excellent article on putting Ubuntu 7.10 onto an Apple Macbook. I’ve tried Ubuntu in the past, and wasn’t too enthused about its user interface.

There seems to be a large number of people who are enthused about Ubuntu. Me, I’ve been sticking with Red Hat or SUSE (or Yellow Dog) but I’m a sucker for trying new distributions.  The screen shot of rEFIt is nice…

Both Fedora and OpenSUSE have put renewed life into their PowerPC versions. Perhaps I should try them again….

I should mention: first thing everyone mentions about Ubuntu (or Debian) is the ease of using APT. I’ve used APT on my RPM distributions for years. Not a good enough reason to switch…

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu on an Apple MacBook (Intel)”

  1. When APT works, it’s pretty good. When I gather my reserves and try Gentoo for the first time, I’ll see how good emerge is.

    For software that has a .deb on GetDeb (http://www.getdeb.net/), installation is pretty good. A GUI for dpkg like the .pkg installer on Macs would make Ubuntu so much better.

  2. Previously I had stuck with Fedora. After a time, every time I tried to install Fedora on a computer, Fedora would spaz out on a graphics card. A friend suggested Ubuntu, and it’s been good to me.

    Update: I got around to installing Gentoo. Compiling the kernel was actually very easy with the wonderful docs. Emerging KDE every week is not fun, so I don’t use it much. For me, updating stable binaries is preferable.

    I’ve only used YUM once or twice, so I can’t compare it to APT. Ubuntu 6 gave me some dependency problems, but they’re mostly gone and APT has been working fine enough for me. I even use Ubuntu on my server at http://yellosoft.us/.

  3. Once you get Ubuntu on your MacBook you may want to look into Mac4Lin to bring some of the OSX UI back to your MacBook. My brother turned me onto it a while back and I love it, and I’m not even a Mac person.

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