OpenSolaris Bundled with Toshiba Laptops

I don’t know how this slipped past me. Earlier this year, Toshiba and Sun announced that OpenSolaris would ship on certain Toshiba laptops then followed through with their announcement on schedule.

This is not necessarily as unusual as it might sound at first glance: Toshiba has been remarketing the Sun Sparc chip for some time, and has a history of working tightly with Sun Microsystems. The only other company that was just as likely to create an OpenSolaris laptop would be Tadpole, although Tadpole laptops have in the past used the Sparc chip from Sun instead of Intel chips.

Two different models are available: the Portege R600 and the Tecra M10. They are available from the OpenSolaris folks at Sun with free shipping until the end of June.