Setting Goals

If you’ve not any goals, then what are you striving for? How will you know when you get there? What will you have accomplished?

With goals, we can focus on getting the results we want. A goal must be several things:

  • Specific – is your goal specific and clear enough?
  • Measurable – can you measure concretely when the goal is achieved?
  • Achievable – is the goal achievable? (or is it just a dream?)
  • Realistic – is the goal a realistic goal?
  • Timely – is there a time limit on the goal?

The SMART acronym helps you to remember this. The acronym itself is not important; the important thing is the goals you set.

I urge you to sit down and write out some goals and then the specific next actions (using GTD of course!) that you will do to achieve those goals. What steps will you take to accomplish these goals?