I came across this article about Veritas VxFS disk quotas in Solaris, and it seems like a good concise description of them. However, according to the example, 1 block is 1 kilobyte – not 1 byte (!). I haven’t vetted the article nor checked for accuracy, so caveat emptor!

However, even with a full VxFS installation from Symantec, HP-UX appears to use something altogether different. The commands are present whether the VxFS product from Symantec is installed or not (HP-UX comes with a base VxFS installation). The quota commands are mainly included in the DiskQuota package, but also are included in the JFS package (quotacheck_vxfs), the OS-Core package (quotacheck), and even the CIFS-Server package (smbcquotas).

More on these commands later.