Announcements: Firefox, Virtuozzo, PDF, and more

There are a variety of interesting announcements that have been floating about.

Probably the most talked about is Firefox 3 – it set a world record for the most software downloads in a single day – over 8 million downloads. Wow!

FreeBSD already has a build of Firefox 3. When will we see a build of Flock 1.2 I wonder?

HP announced that they will sell and support Parallels Virtuozzo (a commercial version of OpenVZ) on Itanium systems running Windows and Linux. What this means for HP-UX VM is unclear at this time.

Adobe’s PDF format has been formalized as a standard, ISO 32000-1. Only time will tell how much of a benefit this will be.

Apple updated MacOS X and MacOS X Server to 10.5.4; time to update your systems. Now would be a good time to check out those security guides for MacOS X (10.3, 10.4, and 10.5) that Apple released early last month.

Also, if you missed it, the security distribution BackTrack released version 3 last month. BackTrack is a live CD Linux distribution focused on security and penetration testing: fix your systems before the attackers do it for you.

Presentations using PDFs

Since I will be presenting soon (a talk on GNU Screen at the Chicago Linux User’s Group) I am once again considering how to present a slide show. I created the slide presentation in NeoOffice, and saved it to several presentation formats.

However, I was introduced to one presentation format which I was not aware of before: PDF. I had never thought of using a PDF for a presentation. That is, create a PDF from your slide show, and use a viewer such as Evince to present it. I think even the current Adobe Acrobat will support this, as do several others – I think Skim (for MacOS X) also supports a full-screen mode for presentations, as does KPDF for KDE.

In the past, I’ve used full-screen as a way to read the selected PDF; however, it looks like the full-screen mode was designed for presentations entirely – and this is true of all of these PDF readers.

Give it a try today!