Pull files out of a Ignite-UX recovery archive

Perhaps you have a regular backup utilizing make_net_recovery, and want to get some files out of it. How is this done? The standard way to utilize a Ignite-UX backup is to restore the machine completely, using Ignite-UX.

However, if just one file – or a series of files – is desired, log into the Ignite server. Change to the directory /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives and then into the directory matching the host you want to restore files to. The files in these directories are gzipped archives of the sort that you specified when you did the make_net_recovery (tar files by default). The file names are of the format YYYY-MM-DD,HH:MM.

Use your favorite tools to extract the files from the desired archive. For example, the following will extract the /stand directory (where HP-UX keeps its kernels):

gunzip -c 2009-01-24,07:05 | tar xvf - stand

The actual configuration of the archive process is kept in a different directory in /var/opt/ignite/clients followed by the host name. Most of these files should not be changed, as it would be easy to mangle the backup (or restore) process by making a bad change to one of these files.