Duplicate Passwords? Just Say No!

With the recent server compromise at Automattic (the fine people behind wordpress.com) and the compromise of the commenter accounts at Lifehacker not that long ago, I’ve been having to deal with changing passwords. Using Lastpass makes it much easier; I can just imagine how hard it would be without Lastpass.

The nicest thing about having Lastpass store accounts is that you don’t have to try and remember all the places you used a particular password. Using the Lastpass audit feature, it will scan your list of stored passwords and determine which web sites have duplicate passwords, and you can change them all – one by one, of course.

One other nice thing about Lastpass is their Android application – it provides all of the nice capabilities of their browser extensions but on the small Android platform and for all applications as well.

With Lastpass you can have a different random password for all of your web service accounts – and don’t even have to remember them. Just remember your Lastpass account password and you are good to go.

Without Lastpass… I dread the thought of having to remember all the web services, much less try to change all the passwords to go with them.

Side note to web service designers: Could you make it just a little easier to change passwords? Please? Several services had the change password selection hidden quite well – strangely, msn.com was one of these! Yahoo.com wasn’t any better – and Yahoo has the most exasperating password setup I’ve ever seen – requesting your password almost every two minutes. There simply must be a better way.