Midwesterners: Are You Going to Barcamp?

In the Midwestern United States, where I am, there are three BarCamps that are always of interest to me. I though I would check out what was going on and when the next one is (I’ve made the Chicago Barcamp several times).

The Milwaukee BarCamp will be in its fifth run, and usually occurs on the first weekend in October. For 2010, that would be October 2-3, but there doesn’t seem to be any word on what to expect.

Madison, Wisconsin (the capital) will be host to the Madison BarCamp on August 28, 2010 – from 10a to 7p. It appears that the event will not be overnight, unlike my experiences in the Chicago BarCamp.

Chicago has wonderful BarCamp events; no word on the web site as to what is happening with Chicago BarCamp this year. Last year was July 11-12; we should be getting close.

If I find anything more about BarCamp Chicago, I’ll post it here.