HP Introduces New Blades – Including Superdome!

At Tech@Work in Germany, HP introduced a number of new Itanium blades with the new Tukwila chip (or Itanium 9300). The new blades will work in blade chassis that also support x86 blades.

The real news is that Superdome servers are also available in the same chassis. Thus, x86 and Itanium servers can be side by side with Superdome servers.

On top of this, all blade types can use the same power supply and other parts. This means that parts can be swapped, and means lower costs for HP (fewer types of parts) and lower costs for customers as well.

Added to all this, there was the March 2010 update to HP-UX.

This truly is exciting. Imagine managing x86, Itanium, and Superdome from the same interface…