Running Firestorm on Ubuntu Vivid (15.04)

I recently installed Ubuntu Vivid 15.04 (using UNetBootin to create install media). First thing to install was my Second Life viewer of choice: usually Firestorm or CtrlAltStudio.

First problem is that CtrlAltStudio doesn’t have a Linux version – they say that:

Windows and Mac OSX installers are provided, and if you have the know-how the source code should be readily updateable for Linux.

So off to Firestorm it is. Firestorm has a Linux version, but only 32-bit – not 64-bit. What this means is, if you want to run Firestorm on a 64-bit Linux environment, you have to have the 32-bit libraries for it to use.
In the early days of 64-bit Ubuntu, this was easier – you just loaded the package ia32-libs and you were done. However, that package is no longer present in recent versions.
There are great directions from the Phoenix Firestorm Project on how to do this on Trusty Tahr (14.04) and Utopic Unicorn (14.10) by using the packages from Raring Ringtail (13.04). However… Raring Ringtail isn’t in the Ubuntu archive FTP site, and I was installing onto Vivid Vervet instead.
If you follow the directions, but use precise instead of raring – you can install the libraries from Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS) which is still supported, and they work well with Vivid Vervet.
The real solution is to create a 64-bit Linux version of Firestorm – but that hasn’t happened yet.
The final step was to fix the screen resolution – for whatever reason, it took a lower resolution and blew it up to fill the screen – it was painful to look at. Within the Debug menu on login – or the Advanced menu after login – there is an entry labeled “Set Screen Size…” Use that to set the appropriate size and log out of Firestorm and back in.
In my case, that’s all it needed. I’m a happy camper.


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