Current State of Berkeley Automounter (amd)

Well, this is really sad. I have always believed in using the Berkeley Automounter (amd) over the automounters otherwise available, given the power and portability of amd. However, in investigating automounters for Linux, it seems that amd has been stagnating for some time.

Apparently, this has happened before. The current maintainer, Erez Zadok, found that amd was stagnating and took over development many years ago. He wrote a book on Linux NFS and Automounter, which is still a fantastic book.

Now the git repository for amd shows that the last development on amd happened around November of 2010 – and no development in any other month of 2010. Version 6.2rc1 was tagged four months ago.

It would be a true shame if amd were to die from stagnation; it has strong capabilities that aren’t present elsewhere.

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