ServerFault Revisited: It’s Not Just About Servers Anymore…

I’ve mentioned ServerFault in the past: ServerFault is a web site dedicated to questions and answers about server administration. About the same time, the companion site StackOverflow was created, dedicated to programming questions and answers.

This group of questions and answers (Q&A) sites has grown incredibly, and now covers a wide array of topics. These sites all have similar capabilities and appearance, but have different (and beautiful!) design. Here are some of the current crop of topics/sites available from the brains behind ServerFault (otherwise known as StackExchange):

This is only a few; there are many more, including a Q&A site dedicated to creating new sites by user request (this is Area 51). Some of the current suggestions (in no particular order) include Q&A sites on: Emacs, Running, Japanese, Exercise and Fitness, Books, Government, Politics, Military, and many more!

So why not give the StackExchange sites a try? You’ll learn new things, teach others, and gain a reputation for knowledge in your areas of expertise.

I’m not attached to or beholden to StackExchange in any way except as a satisfied user of ServerFault and others.

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