Are MUDs and MOOs dead?

I was never one for playing with MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) or MOOs (MUD, Object-Oriented). Yet, the retro feeling of being in a MUD or MOO is amazing, and I never have tried it before. (Note: users can program in a MOO!)

MUDs and MOOs are text-based adventures, but on a remote server and multi-user. Some are purely game oriented, and some are social – and many are both. If you liked Zork, you’ll like MUDs and MOOs – although Zork and its descendants have a more powerful language parser.

On a whim, I went for it – why not? – and logged into perhaps the oldest MOO around: LambdaMOO. I was unprepared for how much it was like Zork and the other text adventures I’ve known – and also how much it could be like being in IRC (but in a world, not a “room”).

Granted, one has to be careful – many MOOs and MUDs may not be suitable for children, and I wouldn’t look for technical assistance there – though you may find it.

If you want a fun romp, go check out LambdaMOO. You can use telnet or a graphical client like GnoeMoe (part of the Ubuntu repositories). LambdaMOO is at and port 8888.

You might even find me there – or maybe not…

One thought on “Are MUDs and MOOs dead?”

  1. Reblogged this on siliconvalleylatebloomer and commented:
    Yes, MUDs are dead. 🙂
    I’d hope so at least, they are so old software-wise. Even IRC has a
    better chance of being alive as games age faster.
    Felt like making a new MUD today that used some sort of cryptocurrency but I can’t even get myself to play one. Will stick with Ultima Online’s OST.

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