OpenID: When Versions Conflict

OpenID was supposed to be a web-based single sign-on; however, the conflicts between versions can cause confusion – and prevent sign-on.

When presented with an OpenID sign-on box, you should sign in with:

For example, with a userid of jdoe at OpenID provider, enter this into the OpenID text box:

( has a more detailed description of the process.)

The problem with using OpenID comes when people try to use OpenID providers like and with sites like the problem is that only connects with providers that support OpenID 1.0; there is no message to suggest that the provider does not support that version. Google and Yahoo only support OpenID 2.0; other providers may or may not support OpenID 1.0.

Will Norris has a list of OpenID providers and the features of OpenID they support (broken down by feature). Look for providers that support things like the following:

  • openid-html
  • signon-10
  • sreg-10

Those providers that support these are, I suspect, most likely to support OpenID 1.0 (worked for me!). Also, if you are evaluating these providers in order to choose one, look for a provider that supports a lot of these features of OpenID. has the specifications for all the versions of OpenID and the features of each.

I chose to go with for my OpenID provider; so far so good – and it works with (vital!). Another thing – at least with – is that you get an identity page that others can see (I have one).

Another OpenID provider is; if you’ve a login on you have an OpenID. No word on whether WP supports OpenID 2.0.

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