Firefox 3.5 Market Share and Statistics

Recently, a lot of folks have reported that Firefox 3.5 is the most widely used browser. This is true; however, the statistics do not show that Firefox is most widely used (which most responsible blogs have also reported).

Geeksmack had an excellent article on this topic. Looking at the graph shown there, there are many things that can be seen if you examine the graph critically:

  • The loss of market share by IE 7 seems to correspond to the growth of IE 8.
  • Firefox 3.0, at its height, had a larger percentage of users than Firefox 3.5 does right now.
  • Firefox 3.5 seems to be affecting Firefox 3.0 the most: after Firefox 3.5 was introduced, Firefox 3.0 dropped in user count precipitously.
  • In the middle of 2009, Firefox 3.0 lost users to IE 7 for a period of time.

The last thing is that these are all conjectures based on statistical evidence; true correlation may not exist. Truly, statistics must be analyzed with care.

There is a good article over at Blog of Metrics at describing all the places where one can find the current statistics on Firefox market share.

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