Two New Admin Resources: and

I’ve discovered two new question and answer resources for administrators: one is specifically for system administrators, and one is for programmers.

These are and These sites look and work similarly, though the topics and logos and color schemes are different, so while it is as easy to use one as it is the other, there is no doubt as to which one you are using.

These sites combine a number of things together to provide excellent community answers to questions posed by anyone. There is no registration required (!) but if you register, you can do more and you can build a reputation that allows you to do quite a lot. If you get a high enough reputation, you almost have full access – just like the administrators of the system.

The answers are excellent and the Q&A sets are building rapidly.

2 thoughts on “Two New Admin Resources: and”

    1. This is a rather vague question (like “Tell me about life.”).

      Best thing to do is a) focus on one variant – Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and so forth; and b) get a book that introduces you to all of the basics (books like FreeBSD Unleashed for example); and c) run it and use it – daily is best.

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