Linux Mint 7 Released!

Linux Mint 7 was released yesterday; it is available on CDROM. I’ve installed it onto an hp nc4010 laptop with no problems whatsoever.

So far, Linux Mint is absolutely beautiful. This is a nice contrast to Ubuntu, on which Linux Mint is based – the color scheme of Ubuntu (which seems to be firmly and stubbornly entrenched) is a dark, oppressive, and dirty brown; whereas Linux Mint uses a vibrant and uplifting green. It is a small thing, but a very common (American?) complaint against Ubuntu – and colors do affect mood.

Linux Mint also focused strongly on ease of use – including making sure that everything works out of the box. Listen to anything – view anything – it all works, and straight out of the box.

Ubuntu tries to make it easy to upgrade to view and listen to what you like: Linux Mint makes it unnecessary to upgrade or install anything.

Like Debian and Ubuntu, on which Linux Mint is based, the number of available applications is insane – no other distribution has as many packages available. In particular, Debian has the best support for Lisp I’ve ever seen.

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