Foreign Language Improvement

I’ve spoken on the benefits of improving your language skills: sharper mind, expanded technical resources, expanded knowledge, and a lot of other things.

I’ve recently discovered some ways to improve your foreign language online – and have fallen in love with one in particular:

This is not the only way – nor should it be – to learn a foreign language. You need to use all your resources. However, does a good job of trying to do some of that and it helps you in every way it can.

They offer a place for language learners to learn from each other, and to practice speech and writing. There are courses – though they are mostly of the “memorize this vocabulary” type – but everything helps. Given the kind of courses they offer, these classes are very good at what they set out to do. Words and phrases are given to you in a number of ways and you must define them or create them in reply.

There are innumerable ways to assist others in learning your native tongue, and ways to get help.

You can determine who the serious and dedicated users are at a glance – the users are given points based on what they do on the site, and are given awards based on their work.

Try today!

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