The kconfig utility (HP-UX)

The kconfig utility is a utility which allows you to save a complete set of kernel tunables, ready for use in configuring other systems or in returning to an older configuration. These kernel configurations can be saved, copyed, deleted, and restored using the kconfig utility.

For example, consider a HP-UX virtual machine host that was pressed into service early as a general host. How to return to the original installation kernel configuration? Use the original configuration automatically created during installation, “last_install”.

For another example, consider a host configured for the applications you use. Save the configuration and it can be replicated elsewhere with a single command and perhaps a reboot.

For a current list, use the kconfig command by itself:

# kconfig
Configuration Title
backup Automatic Backup
ivm Virtual Machine Configuration
last_install Created by last OS install

The kernel configuration can be exported to a file:

# kconfig -e ivm ivm.txt

…and later imported (possibly on a new machine):

# kconfig -i ivm.txt

The current configuration can be saved to a particular name (such as ivm):

# kconfig -s ivm

All of the usual manipulations are possible, as mentioned before: copy, delete, rename, save, load, and so forth. The manual page is kconfig(1m) and should be available on your HP-UX 11i v2 or v3 system.

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