Sparking new ideas

When you are look for new ideas – for writing, for presentations – here are some ways to go about it.

One good way is to brainstorm – write down things to write about. Don’t stop to judge the ideas, good or bad – just let it flow at a rapid pace onto the page. I like to use what is called “junior legal” (8 in. by 5 in.) on a clipboard of the same size.

After writing down all the ideas that come to you, then you can sift and winnow what you’ve written. Don’t reject out of hand any idea; see if there isn’t a kernel of a possibility in it.

You can also use a mindmap during some of this process. A mindmap is like an outline in radial form that starts with a center topic (though this description is woefully inadequate). Don’t just make bubbles and connect them (which seems to be common to computer mindmaps); make connectors in different sizes, colors, styles – make the mindmap a work of art that expresses how each item affects you.

This may generate quite a few good ideas to start writing about. (Guess I’ll get started….)

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