Birthdays! (GNU, Debian, Google, and more!)

I just can’t believe all of the birthdays in the recent weeks.

The Debian Project celebrated 15 years on August 16th. There is a nice wiki page about the celebration (known as Debian Day) which occurs every year around the world.

FreeBSD also celebrates 15 years. The announcement of the celebration was made in the freebsd-announce mailing list by Matt Olander. The celebration will be at Meet BSD California ’08 on November 15-16 in Mountain View, California (and at Google no less!).

The GNU project turns 25 in September. There is a delightful film by Stephen Fry describing GNU and what it is and what it’s done (and an article about the film), and there is an article by Matt Lee about GNU and how it will celebrate.

Google turns 10 on Sep. 7. There are photos of what the Google computing center looked like over the years from a talk by James Dean give at the 2007 Seattle Scalability Conference.

One more birthday (though not one to celebrate!) is the one-year anniversary of the RIAA’s legal campaign against on-campus file sharing. Ars Technica has a nice article about it, and there is a nice response by Bill Wyman. It’s also the four-year anniversary of the RIAA’s general legal strategy against file sharing; this is covered nicely in an article by David Kravets at Wired. That article starts with an impressive number indeed: 20,000 lawsuits? Astounding…

Any other anniversaries I missed?

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