Do you know Veritas?

I’ve seen this question posed, and been posed it myself. Having worked with HP-UX these some years, answering this question becomes even more complicated. After all, Veritas (now a part of Symantec) has these various products:

  • Veritas File System
  • Veritas Volume Manager
  • Veritas Cluster Services
  • Veritas NetBackup

To add to the complexity, HP’s HP-UX shipped with a base version of the Veritas File System until 11i when the operating system began shipping with a full version of the Veritas File System. Besides that, the complete Veritas File System implementation HP uses was rebranded by them as OnlineJFSand the HP-UX implementation uses VxFS within LVM, not the Veritas Volume Manager.

So what does it mean to say “I know Veritas”? Nothing. Better to be specific – and if you are familiar with HP’s HP-UX filesystem implementation, say so (and clarify). All you can do next time someone asks you this question is to educate them on the different products that are branded “Veritas” so you can answer them clearly.

One thought on “Do you know Veritas?”

  1. Yes you are right, Veritas is not Part of Symantec. and they are shipping VxFS, VxVM with HPUX.
    It is very good in SAN environment.

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