An OpenSolaris Review, and OpenSolaris Day 2008

This detailed review of OpenSolaris from an experienced Solaris administrator (at OSYS News Weblog) is a delight. Certainly, any review of OpenSolaris in the “main-stream” technical press (whatever that is) is generally more broad and less technical than an administrator could wish for – especially an administrator who is experienced with Solaris. The author specifically mentions (this review perhaps?) and (this review?), both about OpenSolaris 2008.05.

OpenSolarisDay 2008 (also being billed as OpenJava Day?) will be held at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Facultad de Matemáticas) on July 26 and 27. If you are in Madrid those days (and speak Spanish), why not go? Sounds very open and fun.

If you use Firefox (or alternative spins like Flock) you can use an extension called HyperWords to translate on the fly as I did (I don’t speak Spanish – French, yes; Russian, I can fake it…. but not Spanish). HyperWords allows you to take a number of actions on a selected item, including translations. Worth getting!

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