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There is recurring error that keeps putting a message into the syslog.log file every time a cron job runs under HP-UX 11i v3. This message can safely be ignored, but if you run a lot of cron jobs it can keep filling your syslog with useless messages. The message like thus:

Feb 28 16:26:00 mysys syslog: Cron daemon - could not change the compartment for the job /usr/bin/foo

These messages will continue to appear for every cron job. It refers to a product which in this case is not installed on the machine (that is the “compartments” of which it speaks).

There is a patch available from HP to fix this, but even after a year this patch remains off of the recommended list. The patch is PHCO_36539 and it will take care of the problem, returning your cron messages to a sane level.