OpenSolaris has a Marvell Libertas Driver! (and ZyDAS too!)

I previously discussed FreeBSD support for the Marvell Libertas chipset, and also some of the details of industry reception of this chipset.

I noticed recently that on OpenSolariswireless support page, the malo driver (from OpenBSD) for the Marvell 8335 chipset is now available (though at version 0.1). If you are using OpenSolaris on a laptop, this may be the way to go.

Also listed is a driver for the ZyDAS 1211 chipset (a USB wireless chipset), another that I’ve mentioned in the past. The driver is the zyd driver and is also at version 0.1.

There is a fabulous list of all the OpenSolaris drivers and the devices they support. With a printout of this list, you can be sure of getting a card which is well supported by OpenSolaris – and perhaps by other UNIX variants and by Linux as well.

3 thoughts on “OpenSolaris has a Marvell Libertas Driver! (and ZyDAS too!)”

  1. the difference between freebsd support using ndisgen and openbsd (and now opensolaris) using malo(4) is that the latter is a reverse engineered driver, making it work on openbsd on *all* platforms. ndis works only on x86 or amd64 for which the vendor has provided the firmware.

    i hope someone ports malo to freebsd as well; i much prefer using freebsd’s ports but network connectivity > all

  2. > There is a fabulous list of all the OpenSolaris drivers and the devices they support.

    Thats not true. For example, I have a Marvel Libertas (included in the “fabulous” list) and OpenSolaris 2008.11 but the driver is not included. You only can obtain the source, but the firmware is not included. In other words, that is a job only for experts.

  3. @Francisco: Nothing you said contradicts the statement I made: the list is extensive. I did not say that the Marvel Libertas chipset was supported by OpenSolaris (nor did I say that ZyDAS chipsets were either).

    I expect better support with OpenSolaris 2008.11, but I haven’t tested it yet. I’ll probably put it on a nc4010 before too long.

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