OpenVMS celebrates its 30th anniversary!

You may have noticed recently that VMS got mentioned a few times.  OpenVMS remains alive, despite people’s perceptions, because of a large (in numbers) user base and a proven track record for solid and stable performance and for security.  In fact, at DEFCON 9 (2001) a VMS system (in a “out of the box” configuration) proved unhackable.  The VAX, in comparison, is long gone (OpenVMS 8 does not support VAXes) and the Alpha was discontinued as of April 2007; OpenVMS on Itanium is the future (yes, OpenVMS 8 runs on Itanium!).

OpenVMS celebrates its 30th anniversary today.  In the future, as I start my journey towards becoming a VMS System Administrator, I’ll post some details here and there about VMS for new system administrators.

That won’t take away from the primary focus: UNIX and Linux.  However, UNIX does owe a lot to the VAX and to VMS: it was the VAX that the first UNIX virtual memory system was designed to take advantage of.  To this day, there are parts of UNIX that are a direct result of that first VAX implementation (of the memory management system).

One thought on “OpenVMS celebrates its 30th anniversary!”

  1. I’m glad to see you appreicate the wonder that is VMS.

    Note VAX/VMS is still supported and new releases of VMS will run on Alphas
    (same code base for Itanium and Alpha).

    VMS has run on Itanium for a couple of years now.

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